Humboldt Penguin Left Shoe Humboldt Penguin Right Shoe Charmander Left Inside Shoe with Hitokage written on it. Charmander Left Outside Shoe with Charmander looking over his shoulder. Charmander Right Inside Shoe with PokeDex Number. Charmander Right Outside Shoe with Charmander sitting and smiling. One Punch Man Back of Shoes with Genos and Saitama. One Punch Man Front of Shoes with Saitama and Genos faces. Animal Crossing Back of Shoes with Leaf Symbol. Animal Crossing Left Shoe with Tom Nook. Animal Crossing Right Shoe with KK Slider. Ren & Stimpy Left Shoe with Ren. Ren & Stimpy Right Shoe with Stimpy. Mass Effect Back of Shoes with nothing on the left but the right containing the stripe from the front of it. Mass Effect Front of Shoes with a stripe on the right shoe and the N7 logo on the left. Banjo-Kazooie Left Shoe with Banjo on it. Banjo-Kazooie Right Shoe with Kazooie on it. Animaniacs Left Shoe with Dot, Yakko, and Wakko in that order. Animaniacs Right Shoe with the Brain and Pinky in that order. Umbreon Front of Shoes with two different Umbreon designs on each shoe.
A Fire Energy card with Charizard painted on top. A Water Energy card with Eevee pained on top. A Psychic Energy card with Lugia painted on top. An Electric Energy card with Pikachu painted on top.
A four inch by four inch canvas painted with Jimmy T from Wario Ware. A four inch by four inch canvas painted with the Firelight Leader, Ekko, from Arcane.