Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing can be a tricky thing. No money is exchanged until we have discussed payment on your particular project. A lot of this can depend though on how large a project it will be. Don't forget that you will need to also purchase your shoes. You can send them directly to me, or you can purchase in a local store, but it will require shipping to me. So you'll need to pay for all shipping, your shoes, and all art work done. I know that this isn't a cheap venture, so it won't be for everyone. I know that shoes are not cheap either, which is why we will be confirming things along the way to verify what you want.

The Mass Effect pair of shoes are a good example of a flat fee shoe with its simplicity.

Flat Fee

For simple shoes like the Mass Effect ones in my porfolio, I will charge a flat fee. This is because it's easy enough to plan out. It doesn't require anything crazy. This will be discussed at the time at what I will charge overall.

The One Punch Man pair of shoes are a good example of a per hour fee shoe. It required detailed pen work. The Umbreon pair of shoes are a good example of a per hour fee shoe, as they cover the whole front of both shoes.

Per Hour (Currently $20.00 USD)

Anything that requires extensive work will kick in the per hour pricing. Full front, full back, the whole shoe, anything that requires some detailing. This will all trigger a per hour charge. Current per hour charge is above and may change at any time for any reason. (If already locked into a rate though it wil remain as promised rate.)

I only accept PayPal. This is a business, so I run it through the business account. I will send an invoice. I take half payment up front. Upon completion the remainder of the payment is due, along with shipping costs to you. For per hour fees, we will discuss the initial payment required to start work.

Shipping is something we will discuss during the whole process we go through for this. But it is something to bring up in the beginning so that you know about how much you'll be paying in addition to final cost of your project.

Depending on where you live may limit shipping options. Something we will discuss. Otherwise, I ship via Priority. For both insurance (with additional insurance added for protection) and speed. Boxes they are shipped in are modified Priority boxes. Additional things such as sign for delivery and all can be added at an additional cost.

If you are local, we can discuss other options as to save on time and money.

Everyone has their limits, as I have mine. I'm an open person and prefer not to dabble in certain things as to alienate, humuliate, or otherwise dimish another person, race, culture, etc. I have no regrets that the following are on my no-fly list: politics, religion, hate speech (of ANY kind), and anything pornographic in nature. This list can change at any time, for whatever reason. I do leave the right to adjust this list at any time.

Currently, I work on shoes and the 4 inch by 4 inch canvases. Shoes need to be a canvas material to work on. The 4 inch by 4 inch canvases each come with their own little mini easel for displaying your work of art! I am also willing to take commissions on other things, but nothing set in stone. So you'd have to contact me separately about that.

The 4 inch by 4 inch mini canvas with easel.

The 4 inch by 4 inch canvas (as shown above, plastic still on canvas before being painted on) can depend on what you would like painted. If really detailed it will cost more. But the general base price is going to be $35.00 USD and that includes shipping via Priority. (Prices may be subject to change depending on shipping costs going up.)

This is the absolute must! New, not yet worn shoes only. I mean, it's okay if you tried them on in the store to buy. Or if they got to your house and you tried them on to make sure they work. You just can not have worn them outside trekking through the great outdoors. I work pretty closely with these while I'm working on them. It is also best because a clean, new surface without any debris on it is the best canvas.

The type of shoe I work on are canvas based. Art can be done on leather as well, that just requires leather based supplies for which I do not have. I'm also not sure I'd be comfortable enough tackling leather, to be quite honest. Canvas based shoes is close in nature, for me anyway, to feel like I'm painting on an actual canvas.

I use acrylic paints on a gesso base (usually two coats of gesso for a good solid foundation). The acrylic can be just a few layers to many layers depending on color, design, etc. When done, it is sprayed with an outside canvas water and sun protectant that will need to be reapplied over time for protection.

Canvas shoes I've worked with so far have been Converse and Vans, both which work pretty well. But that's not so say that is the only canvas shoes available out there. Find one that works for you and we'll make it happen!

It can vary. I will work with you to get it done as soon as possible, but there will be factors that can slow this one-person show down. Be aware that I do work a normal job, it will depend upon where you are in line, as well as how quickly we can hammer down ideas, layouts, etc. I will check in from time to time, providing updates if you request them. I want to make you happy with your finished product, so I also won't rush and compromise on quality.

It won't necessarily be FIFO when it comes to this. Some orders may move at different speeds depending how ready someone is, how quickly we can move through the planning process, etc.

So the biggest question you might have in regards to all of this is "How does this work?" Initially we will talk. Kind of get a feel for what you are wanting and looking for. Exchange maybe some ideas to get that feel. But also to see if it will work on the particular shoe you are wanting it on. Space available to work with can mean a lot, so this will be a case by case basis. No money is exchanged until everyone is comfortable with the conditions.

At this point, you can ship me a pair of brand new shoes that you may have obtained (shipping at your own expense), or order online and have them sent directly to me. If there is any wear or tear, shipping back to you will be at your expense. I only work on new shoes.

We may talk throughout the process during design to verify what you want before paint is applied to your shoe. This will include everything about it to make sure you are satisfied.

Once the shoe is in my possession, if we have not covered the plan of action for your shoe, we will before any paint is applied. I need yout to be open and honest about things as this can only be done once on the shoe. I can share images with you along the way if you would like to keep you in the loop. (It can be pretty crazy to watch your shoes transform!)

Once the protectant has fully dried, your shoes will get the full photoshoot treatment. They will become part of my portfolio but will be images that I also offer to my customers. You get the full front and back treatment on them to show off online if you'd like! I will also hold off on showcasing them on my own social media and website until you have received them if you would like (just let me know).

All sales ARE final. This is why I will be asking for confirmation throughout the process of what you want.

There are no guarantees. I cannot say how long your design may last. It depends on how you wear them, the stresses you put them through, the conditions you wear them in, etc.

We can talk. I can prototype ideas, pass ideas by you, etc. I'm sure we can think of something that will work for you if you are really interested in having a pair custom crafted. It's easier if you have a little something in mind, but let's talk.

I'd say check out my For Sale page. This is where I sell shoes I've done on my own time and are selling. It won't be perhaps exactly what you're looking for if looking for something specific, design or shoe size. It may also give you ideas though. Buy Now via PayPal buttons are located on each for your convenience!

Whatever you want to do, it's up to you! You can wear and show your fandom. You can display and show your enjoyment of whatever it is on them. They make great gifts too! I personally use my Umbreon pair of Vans for display purposes versus wearing them.

If you are not wearing you new pair of shoes, but are displaying them, enjoy!

If you are wearing your shoes, you'll definitely want to wipe them down after each session to knock off any dirt and keep the design protected from foreign particles. If exposed to moisture, you may want to reapply water protectant to keep them going on as long as possible. Before they leave my possession they are sprayed down with one coat. But repeated wearings and nature will wear down that barrier.

It is acrylic paint on a couple of layers of gesso with water/sun protectant spray over top. As you wear your shoes, you may notice cracks and wear in them. This will be normal. It will also depend where your pressure areas are and how much stress you put on them. These are acrylic painted shoes. These are not part of the fabric.

Below you'll find the literature that is included in every box.

A Little Bit About Your Shoes...

Your custom shoe art is done via acrylic paint on top of the canvas shoe. A couple of layers of gesso was painted on top of the canvas to act as a base, then meticulous layer after layer of paint was applied on top to create the image you see today. Because of this, if you decide to wear the shoe, wear and tear may crack the image over time. Some of it will just be due to use and some of it may be due to stress put on the shoe in specific spots while you are wearing them.

Your custom shoe was sprayed with a light coat of Scotchguard Water & Sun Shield to protect it. You may want to look into something to apply if you decide to wear as it does wear over time. Check use label on product to see if it looks viable before applying to shoe. If being worn, I would recommend treating them with a protective finish to provide better coverage at start.

Make sure to clean your shoes regularly by wiping off excessive dirt. If wet, wipe down as soon as you can to help preserve the shoe and art. You may need to apply a protective layer regularly depending on how often you wear them and how dirty they get.

To keep the soles clean, I have found that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do a pretty good job at times to help maintain a clean look around the bottom. You would need to do so regularly as if dirt stays on there a while it can become more difficult to remove.

All sales are final. If your shoe is damaged in transit, please contact the carrier.