What can Rainy Day Art do for you?

Rainy Day Art is about bringing your favorite characters and/or ideas to life on a new pair of shoes for you to enjoy wearing or display! Rainy Day is about bringing your new pair of shoes to life with some pizzaz. Not something you'll find in the store. And best of all, it's how you want it!

Feel free to check out my Portfolio page to see the work I've crafted so far. It should give you a little bit better idea of what I can do and how I can help you craft your own new pair of kicks. We can discuss ideas you have and explore ways to get you what you're looking for! You can contact me on social media, but you can also just send me a message with questions, comments, etc. Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to talking with you soon!

What is Rainy Day Art?

Rainy Day Art started off in 2020 as Rainy Day Shoes. The idea was to create custom shoes for those seeking something special to wear or display. It was something I had on my mind for months, but at the start of the pandemic decided to act upon it.

I've also changed the branding from Rainy Day Shoes to Rainy Day Art to focus on the art aspect. I may be open to commissions of art of other kinds. But shoes are my main focus at the moment.

I'm just a one lady operation here. I'm based up in the great Pacific Northwest of the United States. Art has always been part of my life in one way or another. As time and technology has gone on, some of it has also gone digital. I'm hoping to bring some of the physical art to you though with a brand new pair of shoes that you are looking to have made into reality.


Get to know a little more about me! I promise I don't bite. Hopefully you'll understand me a little better and see where I'm coming from. I hope that I can earn your trust on our journey to crafting you something special.

For Sale

Items currently available for sale. They are either from creations crafted while putting together my portfolio or some other work I've done and am currently selling. I may also sell other pieces of work as time goes on. Check it out to see if there is anything that might pique your interest.


All my work up until this point resides here. This can include my shoe art as well as other pieces of work I may wish to show. This is to show you what I have worked on and what I am capable of.


This page contains all the information you need to know regarding my shoe work. Some general questions that I have been asked along the way. This includes pricing for work, what I'll work on, and more. Please give it a read before contacting me.


If you would like any work done, have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hestitate! Please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you and making your ideas come to life!